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    I am having a strange problem,

    I have installed zero shell on an old magnia sg20 system I had laying around.

    Every thing has been working fine, untill I rebooted the system. The hard drive was completle croupted and would not be reconlised in any system.

    I assumed it was a one of and got a new drive and reinstalled it again.

    LAst night I again rebooted the system (through the web interface) only for the system to never come back up.

    Checking the system again and again the hard drive has failed and looking at it is croupted.

    any ideas what this may be?

    and should ther ebe a 14mb partition at the start of the disk created by zeroshell, I sure I deleted all the partitions with fdisk.


    This is not normal behavior. Are you sure there is nothing else wrong with the motherboard or the disk controller?
    There should be a small partition on the disk that has zeroshell on it. Actually you should have 3 partitions. The first one is very small (~16MB), the other one is larger (~128MB) and the third is the rest of the image, though you can expand it to get the rest of the drive with fdisk, mkfs.ext3 and label the partition as “Profiles”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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