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    I am using a linksys wireless router, and windows xp notebooks. I have eth00 setup as 192.168.x.x and dhcp enabled on zeroshell. Also have eth00 nated to eth01 which is 10.xx.x.x ..

    My problems is this: on wireless connection I am asked for user name and password, then certificate is validated.

    However, I can plug eth01 to backbone and get a dhcp lease of 192.168.x.x…

    How do I prevent people on lan not getting dhcp leases of 192.168.x.x? I want only the wireless people to get 192.xxx.x.x leases.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.



    Sorry, but I do not understand your problem.
    Could you check your post? I think you have made some mistakes in the description of the IP subnets.




    here is configuration:

    eth00 is 192.168.x.x
    eth01 is 10.xx.xx.xx
    wireless ap is 192.168.xx.xx
    eth00 nated to eth01

    wireless client authenticates with radius certificate and gets dhcp 192.168.xx.xx. But, if I plug eth01 to lan backbone everyone connecting gets a 192.168.xx.xx lease as well.

    I am trying to restrict 192.168.xx.xx leases to only wireless users. Also, I am using zeroshell to issues leases.

    If I am doing something incorrectly, sorry.

    I hope this is clearer. Not too networking savvy.

    BTW, Fulvio, a great app!

    regards noemi

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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