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    My organization uses three separate boxes running ZeroShell. One for our guest wireless, one for our student wireless and one for our internal network. I did the upgrade on all three boxes and saw the system load triple on all of them creating bottlenecks to the internet for all of the networks. On the two older boxes (Pentium4 2.4GHz, 3gb of ram) even the console interface directly at the machine was taking 10-15 seconds to respond to keystrokes after the upgrade. On the fastest box (quad-core Xeon 2.2GHz, 4gb of ram) it was slightly better but traffic throughput would choke at 5Mbps. Until the upgrade we never saw any issues with speed or load being excessive. As soon as I rolled them all back to 3.3.2 the system load went back to normal and saw it easily passing 110Mbps of traffic with a low system load. Here’s a graph showing the difference. On the left Mon, Tue, Wed and half of Thursday it was running 3.4.0 after reverting back to 3.3.2 Thursday afternoon you can see how the load drops.

    Any ideas as to how I can resolve this? I’d like to be running the latest version of ZeroShell.

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