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    I’ve managed to make this work before, but i cant seem to now!

    I’m running zeroshell in virtual box with two NIC’s
    ETH00 Internal network (
    ETH01 to internet (

    In windows:
    ETH00’s IP is
    ETH01’s IP is

    The default gateway is

    So these are the things i’ve done:
    >In network set NAT and put ETH01 as the interface
    >Set default gateway as
    >Captive portal on ETH00

    What am i missing for the internet to flow over? i can access the router settings from ETH00 but no internet seems to be working?


    Try setting your gateway to whatever your windows PC uses for a gateway. Lets assume Your bridged address doesn’t know what to do with that traffic.


    yeah my pc uses as the default gateway, hmmm maybe ill try switching it back to and see if it works

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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