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    I am new to ZeroShell and trying to learn in this forum. Thanks.

    I wanted to setup a Wireless Hotspot internet browsing using ZeroShell.

    Basically, the wirelsss users will recieve a web page to login before getting internet browsing access. I think this is called Captive Portal.

    Can you advise what will be the setup?

    I think like this below ?

    Wireless Users — > Access Point 1 (DHCP enabled with its gateway points to ZeroShell Desktop’s IP address) –> ZeroShell Desktop (Authetication) —> Access point 2 (gateway to internet)

    I am trying to avoid having a wireless card installed in the ZeroShell desktop.



    Just to add on.

    I have got the Radius authentication working for wireless users.

    Wireless users — existing AP (configured with WPA and point to the ZeroShell desktop as the radius server) — > Internet .

    Wireless users are getting a login prompt when they select the HotSpot SSID to connect. However, I would want a web login page to prompt instead, and this would need the Captive Portal mode. any adivse how to proceed from here ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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