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    I have internet on a router and i want to put zeroshell server between the router and my company network, see below.

    router (—> ZS

    > internal network

    on ZeroShell ETH00 is the one connects to the internet router and ETH01 is the one that connects to the internel network…..

    WAN IP: LAN IP: (gateway for the dhcp too)

    any help?????


    I would suggest to remove the internet router and let ZS do the job. If it is an adsl line set the modem to bridge mode (rfc1453) and setup ZS to PPPoE. Otherwise it is going to be a big mess with double NAT and port forward.


    But i dont want to get an other modem to do the job…….

    any idea how to do the NAT?????


    u can use the modem u already have, u simply set eth00 to b ur local network, then setup an internet connection, i am used to adsl so in my setup –> network i have eth00, eth01,ppp0 eth01 is linked to ppp0. ZS will do all your DHCP w/ minor setup, routing, firewalling.the NAT will work “out of the box” under adsl the NAT auto sets itself.


    it does not make sence….

    my ADSL router is already connected to the internet……….

    the LAN output goes on the ETH01…. which somehow has to be shared in order to forward the internet to the ETH00……..

    No Dial is going to happen from the ZS


    so if ur adsl comes in on eth00 and ur LAN is connected to eth01, set eth00 to the ip subnet that the router wants to use, set ur eth01 to ur LAN subnet, then under NAT enable it on eth00 and u should have connectivity. u may need to set a static route to the modem.
    i have a router behind my main to separate a small problem subnet and i had to static route from them to the main gateway. the gateway is, their network is so i set
    Destination Netmask Type Metric Gateway Interface Net 1 Up

    hope this helps


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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