how to install zeroshell 1.0 beta 13 to SCSI disk

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    First, thanks to Fulvio about great product. I have used zeroshell more than 1 year in education enviroment. I am a system manager at Famous University in Vietnam. I have built Zeroshell 1.0 beta 13 to Dell PowerEdge 6650 which has 4G RAM, 2 SCSI disks with RAID 1 configured, 7 Quad-Port PCI cards with network ports total on Server is 30 (used for net balancing 10 Fibre internet lines incoming and 6 ports for 6 different LANs). I only can store profile of zeroshell to logical disk (initialized in Raid configurtion) but when I try to install it to hard disk, the installation progress still complete and then when reboot there are errors about “Probing[..]………….” on the screen. do anyone know correct solution to install zeroshell on raid or SCSI based Server, pls guide me steps to do. Thank you so much.


    I am in the same type of situation…except I have not tried to install it quite yet on the harddrive. I had to prepare it before I could even save a profile to it.

    You are one step ahead of me. I will try this tomorrow on a 1U HP server –
    2 x SCSI – RAID 0 +1

    I have prepared it with UBCD and Parted Magic, ext3

    I will let you know if I can pass this test.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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