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    I have installed, set all parameter of zeroshell, on a PC, in order to build arouter.
    I defined DHCP, DNS, classifier, IP, Virutal server, etc…

    alll was working well. my computer could go o internet, I had access to my web site, etc…

    I was trying to define an email address in the alert panel.
    then, it opened a small popup when I clicked on test.
    after that, I don’t remember what I tried. I believe that I tried to look where I can see the real traffic on the ether0 (connected to xDSL) card.

    then, I after several click on several menu, it started to have the web page corrupted.
    I closed the web page, open it again.
    now, I have several login panel. I Cannot really login. I tried to reboot the router. it was working durig few minutes, and started again to be corrupted.

    now, the computer on the network do not have access anymore to internet.

    I broke something, but I don’t know how.

    I am affraid to have to spend 2 days again to set the parameter.

    here are 2 screen shot I took.

    if anyone have some idea to get it working back, except format everything :o)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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