How to use iptables with net balancer ?

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    I have no idea to use iptables on the net balancer folder

    My project :

    I have 6 routers (Wan) and up to 100 users (Lan)
    To establish prefered routers (ip x.y.z.1,x.y.z.x.7, x.y.z.13… to first router, ip x.y.z.2, x.y.z.8,x.y.z.14 to second router) , assuming that if a router is down, a random router is linked instead by the netbalancer.
    The purpose of that is to allow lan client to see a single wan ip adress (some sites need that – banks or forums)
    i think the only way is to configure iptables

    Shall i configure that on the startup/cron, on the netbalancer folder or on the firewall folder ? and how ?


    My solution to this for my much simpler setup (two WAN links and only a few users) was to fix the Net Balancer so it works better.

    Patch for b16 is at
    Patch for b14 is at

    (No differences between changes needed for b14 and b15, so no b15 patch.)

    It does lots of things, like allowing QoS to work with net balancing. But it also makes connections sticky so your banking transaction connections will all go out the same external IP address.

    Install by getting to the shell prompt on your Zeroshell box, doing a wget to pull the appropriate patch from the above link. Use tar, etc. to unpackage it. There is a read me file in the package telling you how to do the rest of the install.

    Fulvio has indicated that he will include this patch on some future release. But that has been a few beta releases ago and its not there yet.


    just to confirm , a guy on italian forum had the same problem (on b16) , seems now solved with Atheling’s patch . Great job , thanks Atheling !! And obviously , many thanks to Fulvio !!


    Thank you very much
    I’ll try it on a few hours

    Thank you again



    I’m very interrested by the connexion sticky (To allow one router to one client).

    I installed the patch but nothing is visible when running. Shall we configure something ? Or it’s running in silent mode ?

    Thank you very much ^^



    by reading this threat i understand better

    I have to do a thrue test with the working server

    Thank youuuu 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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