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    I’m new to this field and i don’t know much about l7-filter. I have installed l7-filter, but not getting the idea to use it. Can anyone help me, how to feed the input packets and how to see the output, what exactly the meaning of the output it is giving. My main intention is to visualize what is happening in l7-filter and also what are the next processes that can be performed on classified packets.

    Currently I’m using fedora core 6, Kernel version-2.6.18-1.2798.fc6.

    I referred the page on the link:

    When i run l7-filter, i’m getting the output as,

    [root@harishahovale ~]# modprobe ip_conntrack_netlink
    [root@harishahovale ~]# iptables -A FORWARD -j NFQUEUE –queue-num 0
    [root@harishahovale ~]# l7-filter -f /root/Desktop/l7-filter.conf -v
    Added: gnutella mark=3
    Added: imap mark=4
    Added: aim mark=5
    Added: smtp mark=6
    Added: dns mark=7
    Added: validcertssl mark=8
    Added: tor mark=9
    Added: ipp mark=10
    Added: ssdp mark=11
    Added: telnet mark=12
    Added: zmaap mark=13
    Added: yahoo mark=14
    Added: msnmessenger mark=15
    Added: ssl mark=16
    Added: ssh mark=17
    Added: http mark=18

    I’m not understanding what it exactly mean, how to proceed next, and how to check whether packets are classifying or not..


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