"HowTo start Guide"… will be nice to have one.

Forums Network Management ZeroShell "HowTo start Guide"… will be nice to have one.

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    I tried to find some walk through, some documentation on how to start, what to install for default option to make whole thing work.

    My current experience is quite tough.

    I mounted CD image and booted from it. So system started, i couldnt find install option. I tried to mount VM image which is about 15MB big and…its not booting.

    There is proxy in it… so… what partition size should i choose for installation, which stoarage it is going to use for cache?

    I have some more questions like that.

    I know it might sound lame, because i am (almost lame, i do not have that much fur).

    I am a beginner i currently i bought new PC specially to run ESX and i would like to set up small enterprise environment and it seems that zeroshell can provide me some “simple” solution to do it.

    Please give me some feedback, any help will be appreciated.




    Most of the times zeroshell is installed in dedicated hardware for networking on a network card, something like the ALIX/Wrap boards that is not that expensive.
    In my opinion, this firewall/routing stuff, shouldn’t be virtualized other than for testing.
    In any case, the esasiest way to install is into a compact flash card, you just follow this instructions and you’ll have a booting system on a copmact flash with the space to save your profile.


    If you still want to boot from the cd, zeroshell will look for any attached storage device (i.e. a pendrive connected to the pc) to save your profile.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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