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    I want to change my https port to access to zeroshell. When I edit the https port and click save, the old https port value load again. Then I reboot the zeroshell but the port access don’t change it, and I have to access with the old port value.

    My Release is 1.0.beta16

    Sorry for my bad english, and thanks in advance.


    confirm the problem. This happen when I try to change https port from https web page management connection. Cannot use http connection.
    Kernel 4.4.13-ZS
    Release 3.6.0


    I just did a few unit tests and I can confirm your bug.
    I created a new branch for bugs
    and uploaded a 2 lines change fix for this.

    You can create a patch and apply it to sethttps script

    You can also change every time both http and https port and should work.

    iulyb wrote:
    a 2 lines change fix for this.

    I added the two lines at the file /root/kerbynet.cgi/scripts/sethttps and the correction is deleted after reboot. So I couldn’t use it.

    Can you help me about the patch making? I have to use the cron script editor? how? Thank you


    I have to admin a patch is not that simple so I did it for you.
    If you are interested you can check

    I created the patch and uploaded it so all you need is to save it on a directory that is not rewrite on reboot and apply it every time.

    Login to zs then

    mkdir -p /DB/opt/patch && cd /DB/opt/patch

    Now on ZS web interface on preboot script add

    cd /root/kerbynet.cgi && patch -p0 </DB/opt/patch/sethttps_ui-ZS-3.6.0.patch

    IulyB, you made a very easy way to solve. Solved for https port.
    I cannot entry with 8080 default http port. I didn’t understood yet if is a browser problem. Some people can confirm functionality of http port?
    Thank you very much and Best regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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