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    Hi all,

    After much frustration and hassle trying to get ZeroShell set up on a Hyper-V server at work, I managed to get the native synthetic network driver modules functioning properly and (theoretically) the synthetic disk driver, although they didn’t seem to 100% want to work out of the box (the initial boot seemed to prefer to use the PIIX4 driver instead for some of the mounts, perhaps someone else can help out with solving that, all I managed to get was kernel panics being unable to find the image to decompress to ramdisk) but it seems to be happily running on our hyper-v server, and is now waiting for me to suitably configure it up to handle our bonded VPN links. I haven’t had chance to fully test it yet and drop it in place of our pfSense box yet, as I’m waiting to try out of hours, but I’m quite hopeful.

    This is based on Renato’s Beta 16 Dev image, running kernel 3.2.9. The main changes are the addition of the Hyper-V drivers in the initrd image, tweaks to the linuxrc file in said image, and the addition of the Nano editor because I much prefer it to vi. There may be some other clutter in there from when I’ve been compiling things, but I kept most of them on a seperate virtual drive, which I can upload if anyone wants it for development purposes, but it mainly just contained the sourcefiles and temporary files where I was rebuilding the initrd.

    I hope this saves people the pain I had trying to get the thing working properly! Major thanks to my employer, Boundary Bathrooms, for letting me work on this and put the image up.

    File is 7-zipped, expands to a folder ready to import directly into Hyper-V, just add your network devices as necessary. You may need to delete /Database/var/register/system/net/interfaces/ETH* to make it properly redetect/name your devices, I’d exported and compressed it up before I realised this was needed, but aside from that things should work reasonably well. Set up/initial testing on Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2. The main upshot of this is that you can now have more than 4 network drivers, and utilise the Hyper-V VLAN tagging etc.

    Download file: ZeroShell_Firewall_HyperV.7z

    Looking forward to seeing any feedback! Thanks to Renato for providing the dev image to start with, it gave me a good place to get started from. The same caveats apply with Renato’s build – it’s a 2GB image, so requires suitable space to install to.

    – Rick


    Thanks insanityinside.

    This vhd works like a charm on 2008 R2 Hyper-V


    Hi insanityinside .

    Thanks a lot for sharing that. I did download the file but the 7z file is encrypted with a password. Could you share the password too ?

    Thanks in advance



    I’m certain the 7z file I uploaded had no password. I’ll double check, but I’m almost certain there wasn’t one. Downloading a fresh copy just to make sure and confirm for you.

    – Rick


    Just confirmed, downloaded a fresh copy, definitely no passwords here. What are you trying to unarchive it with?



    I ´m trying with IZArc , again asks me for password. I ´ll try to umcompress with Linux later today.
    And by the way.. My usage of the vhd is to import it to a EC2 Amazon instance whick uses hyper-V . In fact, I talked a lot to Renato and he helped me (thanks Renato, if you read that..) for adding the hyper-V option to zeroshell but, I tryed a lot without success to create a AWS ami with that.

    I ´ll try to create the AMI and report back if i had any success.

    thanks again


    hello, insanityinside, I’ve been trying myself to compile some stuff for zeroshell without much success, I documented the steps I folowed here, but still couldn’t get it totally to work.
    The thread is here https://www.zeroshell.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3783
    Have you somewhere the instrucctions you followed to get zeroshell to compile the kernel and others?


    Has anyone made any progress getting ZS working in AWS?

    I have tunnel to AWS using a tap interface in openvpn solution. But I would rather host the ZS in the system.



    Hi There,
    Found your post and imported your Hyper-V vm. I was wondering if the GUI is part of this or is it command screen interface.

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