I want to create a USB bootable zeroshell, Is it possible?

Forums Network Management ZeroShell I want to create a USB bootable zeroshell, Is it possible?

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    Hi All

    I have downloaded this img file


    I have a unetbootin installed in ubuntu,

    My question is can i create a bootable usb zeroshell with unetbootin?

    Any other ways, Is it possible to create a usb bootable zeroshell?



    I have installed sudo apt-get install usb-imagewriter

    usb-imagewriter is a utility to copy the img file to the usb,

    but finally with dd commnad i copied the img file to the usb,

    now i am able to boot from the usb drive, but i am not able to login with default profile, i am just running on a laptop with zeroshell from usb,

    i dont have any network,

    so how to i initiate the zeroshell with default settings,
    what settings i need to intitiate the zeroshell,

    i am using wireless broadband ZTE CDMA Modem, ppp0 connetion on ubuntu….



    this will help you to start up with usb zeroshell,

    There is no GUI Interface to ZEROSHELL, Only webinterface,

    Then with single workstation or laptop how do i initiate a webinterface to zeroshell?

    Any virtualization soultion will help me configuring http interface of zeroshell..


    Old topic, but I dont recommend using USB memory stick for for main storage of Zeroshell. I have used USB sticks and got 3 of them broken – longest one lasted for 2 years. logging and temp was set to ramdrive. So replacing USB sticks with HDD-s or good small SSD-s now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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