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    If anybody is interested, i have now done a build of B14 with ospf and ntop included.

    OSPF (quagga) was not really a problem – a few changes to the path and all is good.

    NTOP was a different matter with a dependency list as long as your arm together with quite a few build tools to get it all compiled. RRDtool having the most complicated dependencies with cairo/pango and there dependencies too. I now appreciate the package managers of the main distros having gone through this pain.

    Anyway all done now. Drop me a line if you want to try. There is no GUI configuration for ntop or quagga its all from the shell.

    I will try and do a build on Beta 16 within the next couple of weeks.




    can I ask you to maybe do your next build using my modified beta16… i have managed to get git working properly in ZS.. and we could save ourselves all from repeating eachothers (and our own) work all the time this way…


    Thresh; can you please post your instruction for installing OSPF onto ZeroShell B16?

    It would really be helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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