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    I think to have an option to install to the hardrive, will make it the ultimate system for allot of users.

    I think this will be the best feature ever added, and will not require clever tricks and Linux know-how to get a flash image installed to a hard drive.


    I guess nobody needs this feature.

    So many views, and no responses!


    i think hdd installation is an excellent idea.
    i totally agree with you on this one…



    if it saves users having to install a host os to install zeroshell i think it will be well worth it


    this is a very easy thing to do you just need to put the flash distro in the cd distro file system.

    then activate the shell
    go to the place you put the image of the flashdistro
    and run gunzip.

    i may sound selfish in the next line:
    If you can’t manage to install in the HD by yourselfs, then you probably should be using a simple router with 3 or 4 options.

    The developer has more important things in is mind, like HTTP proxy.


    i stand by the HDD install idea but ZeroShell setup and configuration requires some Linux familiarity. Its a excellent distro and all good things dont come that easy.


    I agree, the HDD install can bring in a larger audience, than just Linux users.

    We need to look at the bigger picture. When Zeroshell becomes famous, the developers might sell it for a few million bucks, and use that money to employ a whole group of developers that can put all this stuff in withinn a six months period, in a newly developed distro.

    Get allot of users exited, broaden the interest, and a whole group of developers will jump onto it, then we don’t have to burdern the current developer(s) with all the work.

    The more new users we can introduce to this system, the more hits the website will get, and the more money the zeshell guys can get for developing this system to full blown potencial.

    Lost of interest first, by having a usable/user friendly system, then functionality will follow due to money injection.

    Think from an investor’s point of view, not just the techie point of view.

    Just some ideas, anyway.


    By the way,

    I think the HTTP proxy can be installed on a Pentium 1 just before the egress/backhaul where the modem is connected.

    This is better for scalability.
    The accounting module will take quite a bit of processing power already.

    Squid proxy with Squidguard is so easy to install on a seprate box.
    It should maybe be part of the router’s firewall functionality.

    Just another idea.


    Have we done any Windows based documentation yet?


    i happen to have a partial document on hdd installation for multi OS users.
    If only someone could help me finish it?
    infact i was thinking about recording a hdd installation video and stick it on youtube.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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