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    Hi. I hope this is the correct place to post this…

    I’m new to Zeroshell and I have basic Linux knowledge.

    I’ve got Zeroshell running off a CF card already but it only recognises both on-board NICs. I would like to run Zeroshell as a router / firewall and wireless-N access point. I’ll be ok with the router / firewall part but I could use some pointers as to how to get Zeroshell to recognise and use my WiFi card.

    This is the card I bought:

    I don’t know much about it. It comes with Linux drivers (looks like source code) on CD.

    Do I “just” need to install these drivers on the Zeroshell box?

    I guess I would also need to find out what chipset the card uses? How would I go about that?

    Thanks for any help you could provide…


    The seller is not providing any information at all about the card and the chipset.
    The official documentation mentions that cards with atheros chipset are supported. Maybe in the future other chipsets will be supported too, but until then I would strongly suggest to stick to them.


    Thanks for your reply.

    I’ve done some more shopping and hope that this time the card will work. I’ve bought this one now:

    And I’ve bought a PCI to mini-PCI adapter and antenna cables.

    This will be delivered from China, so it will take a while before I can report back if that that works…


    thanks for sharing…


    I’m still waiting for the Atheros based card to be delivered. It’s been over 2 weeks now and I’m itching to get this working…

    I’ll update this thread when the card arrives and when I’ve tried installing it.


    OK, received the card, installed it in my alix 2D3 together with a fresh image of zeroshell 1.0beta12.

    I’m afraid the WiFi card isn’t recognised. When starting the WiFi manager via the serial port I get:

    Loading Kernel modules (MadWifi) for Atheros Chipsets …
    No WiFi Atheros compatible chipset has been found.

    I wonder if there is a way to load the latest Atheros drivers that support this card? My guess is that the card is newer that the drivers included in ZS.

    Any help is much appreciated…


    I’ve just had a look at the website. It looks rather abandoned. Most links don’t work and there doesn’t seem to be any recent info. Doesn’t look like there will be any updates for Wireless-N…

    Looks like once again I’ve manoeuvred myself into a dead end with this router project…

    All I want is a router that supports 1:1 NAT (so that I can use my multiple external IP addresses) and can act as a Wireless-N access point, ideally with multiple SSID support.


    Hm… Looks like there is a bit of hope… I just found this thread:

    My Atheros card also has the 5416 chipset. Can anyone please point me in the right direction how I can use this shapshot build of the driver that supports the 5416 chipset?


    I think you should contact with customer care they will help you the best

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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