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    I am just beginning to test. Eventually the project use ZeroShell to bond to asdl (only inet available there) lines between a remote location and our data center. I have configured two (WAN and LAN) of three Ethernet ports, the third being disabled for now. Right now the WAN port is behind a router for configuration and testing. Ok, here is the issue. All is apparently well and I can ping and tracert the outside world on generic setup (WAN NIC – Dhcp, LAN NIC -static IP). If I add a static route (out WAN port) to my target host, all is fine, but if I simply change the route from “gateway” to “interface” the ping and trace route to that host, but no others, fail….I need to route traffic to specific hosts out a specific interface that will be given its address via DHCP so having static gateways is not an option. To make matters worse this needs to be robust, it will be several hundred miles away so change the gateway addrss every time a dhcp change occurs is not an option either…. 🙂

    Any ideas where i am going wrongbb?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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