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    I’m having one of those maddening intermittent problems…

    This is a new setup for a summer camp. We have a satellite modem in one building, roughly 225′ of CAT5 cable strung to another building where the ZS box resides. From here another cable runs upstairs to a Zoom 4403 access point, with an amplifier along the RF cable, finally a big antenna on the roof. I’m using ZS’s captive portal with a list of about 30 users; at any given time there may be 10-20 connected but usually only about 5-10 actually doing anything.

    When the system works, it works fine. However, there are frequent problems with “page not found” errors, sometimes they are DNS errors (I’ve tried configuring ZS to use various DNS addresses and an currently using the OpenDNS servers as the first 2, with google’s as the third). When this happens it seems that nobody can connect to anything on the internet… but I can usually connect to the ZS admin at, the AP at, or the satellite modem’s internal page at

    Sometimes it works for yours and then just stops working; other times it won’t work for hours and then just starts working again.

    Hughes (the satellite ISP) says the problem’s in the router, but the fact that I can connect to the satellite modem admin page and successfully run their connectivity test leads me to believe the problem’s on their end… unless there’s something not playing nice between ZS and them, perhaps in DNS resolution?

    If I cycle power on the satellite modem it usually gets things working.

    Sometimes, too, when a user first connects to the system there is the “page not found” error, but then a reload brings up the captive portal page and all is well. Sometimes the only address that triggers a CP load is the ZS admin address at

    Anybody have any thoughts?


    From time to time (maybe every 2-4 hours) I recognize the same behaviour on my lan.
    Sometimes it takes quite a long time (more than 10s) until a webpage shows up, sometimes I get the “page not found”. In this case from time to time webpage shows up after a reload, but usually not, then I need to wait a few minutes.
    I never found out what causes this problem, I also couldn’t make sure if it is caused by the router (zs) or not.
    When I check the network, zs router and internet connection, everything looks perfect, I just can’t open webpages. Connections that were already established, e.g. skype or vpn, still work.
    As far as I remember I changed adress of dns server and it looks like it got better but still happens from time to time.
    When I have a look to the logs in the time of failure, it looks like there isn’t even a new request to zs. But why should different browsers on different PCs have the same problem all at the same time?


    I’m not onsite at the moment and won’t be until Friday so I can’t confirm the details, but apparently the problem is fixed. 😀 The other guy helping me changed the gateway (I believe he meant the gateway set in the DHCP server) to which is ZS’s WAN IP; previously it was set to which is the LAN IP per one of the howto files in the documentation section.

    I think the problem may have been because there wasn’t a default gateway configured (or properly configured) when the first database was set up (how can one edit a database?). There is no “DEFAULT GATEWAY” entry in the static routes list, as there is in the other box I was playing with at home.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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