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    I assume I need to configure the Host to LAN VPN using L2TP/IPSEC since OpenVPN is not supported on the iPhone. I am unclear on how to go about configuring things though on either end to potentially make this setup work though. Since the iPhone only has settings under L2TP for the use of an RSA SecureID with a secret (which I’m not sure what that is) or a user name and password and a secret (again not a clue) and ZeroShell uses X.509 Host Certificate’s. The iPhone’s options for IPSEC dont get much better since it clearly has the Cisco logo and again the same options as L2TP. I am guessing at this point that it is looking like the iPhone is probably not probably not capable of a VPN connection to ZeroShell under these circumstances. Does anyone have any insight as to if this is actually a possibility or not?? ❓ ❓


    I would also like to know how to make this work 🙂
    If I figure out how I will share.


    I’m also interested in this configuration and I’m investigating a way to use openvpn client on iPhone. There’s a hope with tunemu at http://code.gerade.org/tunemu/

    I managed to installed it on my iPhone, but it is only usefull with tun devices and I don’t know how to setup zeroshell to use tun devices instead of tap ones.

    marti vielha
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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