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    hi, i’m actually pretty new to all of this. I have setup a zeroshell router because I am trying to get some hands on network experience and the myriad of features in zeroshell seem to make it a good choice for hands-on learning.

    Right now, i have a network up and running on an off-the-shelf router. I want to add a zeroshell router to the mix such that computers can connect to zeroshell and receive an ip address 192.168.2.x while the dhcp on my existing router continues to issue 192.168.1.x to its wired clients. I simply want to provide wireless access to my internet gateway.

    I have set up zeroshell on an old pentium2 350mhz machine. I have changed the ip of zeroshell to I have assigned the wifi card an ip of and activated dhcp on the wifi interface. the problem is that right now, zeroshell can communicate with the outside world and computers can connect wirelessly to zeroshell, but once connected these computers cannot access the internet. I tried to bridge the two interfaces. when i did this the wireless clients could access the internet but the ip addresses were 192.168.1.x.

    thanks in advance.


    Remove the bridge.
    All you need to do is add a static route on your adsl modem-router, for network mask (or /24) to be reachable via .


    Thank-you, for the reply. i am sorry i couldn’t get back sooner. i will do as you suggest.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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