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    Recently I bought a second Alix2 with Zeroshell, my goal is to create a redundant LAN Master.
    What means that the second engine keeps ready to automatically replace the first one in case it could become not responsive for any reason.

    It also means that they must have the same configuration, keeping it synchronous, but also the same services, not conflicting.

    Here starts a funny game that leads me to dig in the engine, add modules, hack here and there…

    I’d like to give some of my solutions and unsolved problems in this forum. I just hope they could help other people, justify some new features in official Zeroshell, and maybe interest someone who will help me to fill the holes. 😀

    Main features for my LAN Master

    Zeroshell basics:
    – Gateway and Firewall for the LAN + DMZ
    – DNS for area domain.lan and DNS relay for anything else
    – Host-to-LAN VPN access
    – DHCP server
    – DynDNS client
    – Wifi spot (bridged to the LAN)
    – Time server for the LAN + auto external sync

    Added features, or to be added asap:
    – Local CA that is not the Root CA for domain.lan, because I want to keep this one with its private key in a vault
    – Samba server (only Browse Master for NetBIOS on the LAN)
    – Wake-on-LAN service for the VPN access
    – Low-cost monitoring of the UPS traps + ability to require shutdowns in case of battery low
    – Monitoring of the Internet connection + ability to hard-reboot the ISP’s “box” in case it looks dead
    – Reciprocal monitoring of twins + auto-switch if the master has a problem
    – Utilities for easy and **partial** backup & restore of the settings to a shared folder on the backup server of the LAN
    – Notifications by email to the reporting address of the LAN
    – Control of the front LEDs of the Alix2, at the end !!! 😯
    – And probably others I will figure later…

    Smells good, when do we start ?

    I will immediately post the message #2 where I describe how to get and add various Linux packages which are binary compatible with the Zeroshell on Alix2.

    Why Janus ?
    Janus has 2 faces to look at both front and behind. He is the god of gates and transitions…
    It was the perfect name for twin firewall engines, no ?

    Best regards.

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