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    Hi !

    This is a problem with cmov instruction. I have processors without this instruction.

    I think, intel was removed for later processors.

    Now, I have problems for boot with kernel panic.

    I like compile for 586 or 486. I think this is a very good option.


    What processor has this problem?


    @fulvio wrote:

    What processor has this problem?

    Vortex 86soc

    But, if you compile for pentium, 586, pmmx I dont have problems.

    My other problem is when I boot with your precompiled kernel changin only target processor option. I have this message:

    Probing [hda] IDE device to startup the system …
    Loading root filesystem into RAM device… Success
    loop: module loaded
    VFS: Cannot open root device “” or unknown-block(8,2)
    Please append a correct “root=” boot option; here are the available partitions:
    0100 131072 ram0 (driver?)
    0101 131072 ram1 (driver?)
    0102 131072 ram2 (driver?)
    0103 131072 ram3 (driver?)
    0104 131072 ram4 (driver?)
    0105 131072 ram5 (driver?)
    0106 131072 ram6 (driver?)
    0107 131072 ram7 (driver?)
    0108 131072 ram8 (driver?)
    0109 131072 ram9 (driver?)
    010a 131072 ram10 (driver?)
    010b 131072 ram11 (driver?)
    010c 131072 ram12 (driver?)
    010d 131072 ram13 (driver?)
    010e 131072 ram14 (driver?)
    010f 131072 ram15 (driver?)
    0300 1957536 hda driver: ide-disk
    0301 13633 hda1
    0302 157136 hda2
    0303 818864 hda3
    0700 131072 loop0 (driver?)
    Kernel panic – not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8,2)

    How it is ?


    Have you updated the initrd with the kernel modules that you compiled?
    I think that that is the issue.



    I’m experencing a kernel panic errorr too
    because my processor is missing the cmov instruction.
    Processor Type is “VIA Samuel 2”
    Which is the best way to solve this issue ?


    Is there a solution for this yet? I also have a device with a processor that does not support the cmov instruction. 😥


    I’m not sure whether my problem depends on cmov or something else, but it happens on several old pc’s: a 120 MHz Pentium, a 500 MHz K6-2, …

    The kernel seems to boot ok, but when it should start init, nothing happens. The last message, in verbose mode, tells about freeing 260k kernel memory.

    The requirement for the processor is 233 Mhz. Why? Does it really mean Pentium II?

    The versions 1.0.beta9 and 1.0.beta12 behave like this, 10.0.beta11 (on the 120 Mhz Pentium) complains about some missing processor feature and stops earlier.

    How do I compile own kernel and build an iso image?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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