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    Hi All
    I have been testing zeroshell for the last couple of weeks and i find it top class.
    so on to my request, i have installed on a firebox x700 and all works as it should. the only thing thats irritating is the LCD is blank and i have to log ito the UI to look at stats. I think it would be a good move to port LCDproc in to the main build of Zeroshell.
    I have attempted to build myself with no luck so far, but will give it another
    try over the next few days. Has anyone else had any luck with this.


    Did you get any further with integrating another package into Zeroshell? Where did you get the developer documentation from for how to build packages? I made a LCDProc package for a pfsense install and it was pretty easy once you read the documentation. I have looked at the structure of the updates and they seem to heavily rely on some sort of scrpting template.

    I’d be curious to know.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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