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    I have been utilizing ZeroShell since beta 12 for approx 2 years now. I am currently running 2 vm’s of ZeroShell beta 16 as an internal multi-vlan firewall and an external ZeroShell beta 16 as a bridging firewall. I am now attempting to utilize a single ZeroShell 2.0 RC1 on a physical machine to replace these. I have already reconfigured my DB on the new machine to incorporate all of my previous interfaces, got the DNS server (to finally work) and now would like to add user accounts via the LDAP user import feature.

    The import says that it has succeeded, but there are no users added to ZeroShell. I am not surprised by this as every step along the way of using ZeroShell over the last 2 years has been like this. Struggling to figure out just exactly to make it work.

    I have never posted here before, as I have been able to figure out what I needed after reading through many other post’s, but this is getting to be a big pain. It appears that the although LDAP is advertised to work it in reality is still very much broken as is evidenced by the dummying in of EXAMPLE.COM information for DNS entries in the ldap database. These can be see in the createLDAPDB script.

    I understand that you may not want to release all of your information on how ZeroShell works, but from what I can see you have been working on this for about 6 years now and it would be really helpful to those who utilize it if there was a published manual, paper whatever that really explained at least how you intended for the features to work. This would alleviate a lot of head scratching and frustration over configuring ZeroShell just to get it work in a moderately complex environment.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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