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    Using CF has been a concern of mine because of the limited number of writes that a CF can perform before going bad. In systems like Monowall and pfSense, they are optimized so that things are written to the CF only on rare occasion. (Configuration changes in Monowall cause writes.. Same in pfSense, except they also write off historical performance data at reboot time to preserve it across reboots.)

    Is Zeroshell optimized the same way? I’ve read here on the forums that syslogs are written to the database. Does this mean that every syslog entry causes a write to the CF? Or is the database held in memory and only written when config changes happen or on reboot?


    The compactflash image contains 3 partition:
    – /dev/hda1 is the /boot that contains the kernel and the initrd images and therefore is mounted in readolny mode;
    – /dev/hda2 contains the livecd iso image and therefore is readonly;
    – the last partition contains the database for the configuration and it is a RW partition. I have been using this type of device for 2 years (the same compactflash) and I never had a problem. In any case you can store the database on a hard disk if you prefer.


    Useful info, Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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