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    The current configuration is the CD-image Release 1.0.beta9
    with two 1Gb interfaces. Eth1 connected to the outside and eth0
    connected to the inside. While using wireshark and sniffing the
    outside port, it’s clear that there is bittorrent traffic coming and going
    from the inside. I have tried every permutation of settings
    in the classifier and class manager and applied these to the
    interfaces. I can not affect the bandwidth usage of bittorrent.
    Goes through the roof! Not much problem limiting other things
    like http, ssh, ftp etc. I’ve tried the check box labeled BitTorrent
    and also the l7 drop down selection “BitTorrent P2P” without
    any luck.

    Can anyone suggest something I may be missing? I know these
    are not encrypted packets and wireshark seems to identify them
    as bittorrent.

    This looks like its shaping up to be a very nice product!

    Regards and thanks for any help.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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