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    In a typical Multiwan setup, not all users need the same load balancer.

    Here is a typical scenario :

    We have two wan links, one for telephony, the other for data.

    LAN data : need a failover with the data link as the primary one

    LAN telephony : need a failover with the telephony link as primary one.

    Actualy it is not possible to do this. The oubound load balancer setup has only one list for gateways.

    Would it be possible to have multiple failover / balancing lists, so that we can attribute the right routing policie according to the source LAN ?




    Of course you can do policy route on ZS.
    Go to Network -> NetBalancer -> Balancing Rules and Add a new rule according to the criteria you have. Then you specify from which WAN link it will be routed. In case one WAN link fails, everything will be routed to the other.


    Thanks ! i didn’t tought it was working like this.

    If i’m right, all traffic not catched by a balancing rule goes directly to the balancer gateways (Auto routing), but it is possible to send some traffic to a selected gateway by a specific rule.

    Then, if the gateway is not up, the traffic goes to the automaticaly selected gateway from the balacing group.

    This is not easy to understand and This is easy to do for two wans but is a bit limiting for a multiwan setup, where it is simpler to define a balancing group for each user group.

    Next, it is not possible with this setup to have a failover balance for a users group, and load balancing for another group.


    What i’d like to do with two wan is :

    – a balanced rule for Internet access

    – a failover rule for telephony, with link #1 as primary

    – a failover rule for Data, with link #2 as primary

    Is it possible to do this with the actual implementation ?


    As I said before for your example just tag the telephony and data traffic to prefer the links you want. The rest of the traffic will be automatically load balanced between the links. In case one link fails all traffic will be forwarded via the link that is still up.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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