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    I’m using zeroshell for a very long time and was happy with to loadbalance my home traffic between 2 adsls lines.

    However, I noticed recently that loadbalancing is not working as previously and as expected.

    I have 2 vlans connected to loadbalancing, and previously I was able to load 100% on each dsl line when downloading newsbin for instance.
    Now, I have all the traffic (many tcp sessions) going to the same interface. I’m using zeroshel 3.8.2 (fresh update)

    Is there an issue with loadbalancing on 3.8.2 ?

    Traffic is sent on both interfaces, but not shared between. A single interface is used for 100% of the traffic with the same destination host. Previously it was shared between the link for several tcp sessions. Is there a reason why it changed?

    Thanks in advance!


    I found a workaround … dirty but working:

    Start 15 TCP flows, wait 5 minutes, then start 15 additional flows, and there are sent on the second link.

    It’s dirty but working.

    Is there something wrong in the new ZS release? 🙄



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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