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    MAC and IP Filtering.
    Hi all,
    I managed to setup ZeroShell thanks to the creators. I have this following setup, 3 clients. one with 3 computers, second has 1 computer and the third has 4 computers. I have created 3 diffrent IP’s to be used by each client on the notation of /. e.g the last client with 1 computer has a /30. thus limiting him to 1 computer.
    My problem is 1. how do i limit the client to that one computer only using MAC address filtering method. so that evenif he decides to add another computer plus an IP it should not work. (Assume he gets an IP from the other clients or he tries to use any other gateway that i have created and not in use) do i limit bandwidth to individual IP’s that i have created.
    3. how do i bond an IP to a certain MAC.[/b]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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