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    Nelson SZE

    Hi ! Mr Fulvio Riccciardi

    Thanks for your excellent work that I find the ZEROSHELL software router are so power and make the professional software router easy than other professional software routers. I find the logging is the most excellent with the help of Documentation.

    I find ZEROSHELL GUI is like most professional routers that it is not easy and a bit piece by piece in the seperate page without a central overall control view like APPLE MAC server and a central overall status view like most of home routers.

    In view to having simple and direct GUI, I hope ZEROSHELL will be enriched as follows :

    A. Single central overall status view (with tabs to view the details) (i.e. like most home router 1st page)
    1. First tab : List some current connection status
    1. the current assigned LAN ports (eg. ETH00 is Intel 100m lan card etc as WAN and so on ) The current assigned WLAN
    2. Uptime. If click to view the detail, can view is the start time etc.
    3. The features currently running
    WAN1..WAN2 : Fixed IP or PPOE or DCHP, Data IN or OUT bandwidth usage, load balance percentage
    LAN1..LAN2 : Bring up or not, Data IN or OUT bandwidth usage, bridged with WAN
    WIFI : Bring up or not, Data IN or OUT bandwidth usage, bridged with WAN, clients list (a button)
    Https proxy Anti virus running or not.
    VPN running or not and some details (a button for details).
    2. Second tab : Logs
    Basically, it reallocates the current log view tag into the new place.
    3. Third tab : Bandwidth usage view, CPU usages and temp, ETH00 bandwidth usage etc
    4. Forth tab : Monitoring the current Internet connection per each internal IPs and website access log.

    B. Setup network and configure (A single webpage to show with some tabs to help config lan ports and WAN / LAN connections with ease)
    1. Tab to assign LANs ports as WAN and LAN and set up WLAN :
    For example, ETH00 is Intel 100m lan with Mac address ==> Can select as WAN1 or WAN2 or LAN1 or LAN2 etc.
    If multi WANs, load balance percentage for WAN1 and WAN2 etc.
    For example, ETH01 is 3Com 100m lan with Mac address ==> Can select as WAN1 or WAN2 or LAN1 or LAN2 etc. (If WAN1 is selected, then NO WAN1 to be chosen)
    For WAN, MAC address change or copy should be added like most home router.
    WIFI interface bring up or not, to choose Channel number
    2. Tab to set for WAN / internet connection setting :
    ETH00 (if chosen as WAN1): Internet connection type : Fixed IP or PPOE or DCHP
    If DCHP eanabled, Add button “Release” and “Renew”
    3. Primary tab (All WAN setting / internet connection setting, DCHP setting):
    It will be nice to have overview for the current setting with enable / disable buttons like:-
    1. WAN1… WAN2… connection (if fixed IP chosen with button to show the Fixed IP detail with “edit” buttion and can change to PPOE or DCHP) with enable / disable buttons
    2. LAN1 connection (bridged with WAN1…WAN2 and LAN2 and so on with button to show the Fixed IP detail with “edit” buttion) with enable / disable buttons
    3. WLAN connection (security clicked or not with detail setting, isolation clicked or not, SSID setting)
    4. Logs (admin clicked or not, HTTP all access clicked or not) with enable / disable buttons
    5. DCHP server (with detail setting button) with enable / disable buttons
    6. Https proxy anti virus (anti virus scanning for Website image clicked or not, Black URL clicked or not etc) with enable / disable buttons

    C. Http proxy (detail setting)
    1. Ramdisk for antivirus :
    An option to enable to add a Ramdisk and amounts of ramdisk for antivirus scanning the Web pages.
    2. Blacklist URLs with some wording
    Add some wording to block the website like game, then blacklist ALL website have the word “game”
    3. Block download files types
    Add the feature to block download files types like exe com

    I hope the above features will come true in the coming versions of ZEROSHELL.

    Besides, for Website about Wiki or tutorial, I think the current topics should be reorganized in terms of basic and advance levels. Currently, the basic level like internet connection for Fixed IP, PPOE and DCHP seems not easy. I recommend Step-by-step approach. It is because I take some time to know set up the WAN (eg. enable ETH01 in NAT as assign ETH01 as WAN, to setup the Fixed IP that need to go to NETWORK => SETUP ==> edit IP. and go to DCHP and input the Gateway and DNS in another page etc. ) and make the internet connection work. But, for home router, it is very easy to set up and input the details in a single page.

    I would like to thanks for your great works.

    Nelson SZE

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