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    Hi there,

    Installed 2.0 RC2 onto a test machine and restored a config from an earlier build (1.0 beta 12).

    All seemed to be fine however some of my BOND interfaces didnt take properly. Anything over BOND09 no longer works. I think I saw a message on boot up about maximum number of bonds reached and they appear in the GUI but have no MAC or IP listed. If I try to add an IP address I get an error about unknown interface (even though it it listed) and if I try to create a new BOND it creates OK, but same experience, no mac address and if I add an IP address I get the error relating to unknown interface.

    Is this a 2.0 issue?



    Did you figure out anything on this?

    I restored a config from 1.0 beta14 to a new 3.0 install and received the same as you did. Seems like it won’t allow more than 10 bonds.

    Same as you saw in 2.0. The bond can be created, but when trying to set an ip address on it, it comes back with the unknown interface message.


    Worked out that if I built a fresh new config on that version it allowed as many as I needed. Something to do with the restore. Ended up building a fresh config from scratch.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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