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    Hi All,

    Most of all I’m very thankful to zeroshell and fulvio for developing this very useful system.

    My hotspot setup is working ok but i notice that on every mobile devices (iphone, android and windows mobile) after they login to captive portal the popup (where you see the cost,price,Mb etc.) disappears after a few seconds.

    I want to update the MB used by the user every 5mins without disconnection. I set the zeroshell authenticator validity to 5mins but user disconnected and need to key-in again his/her username password every 5mins.

    Possible to auto detect users used MB so that if the user reach the maximum limit of MB Traffic (200MB) the user will be disconnected? because what happen is that i set my Authenticator validity to 30mins and even the user reach the limit MB Traffic (200MB) the user still download or browse on net until 30mins Authenticator validity triggers and thats the time he/she will be disconnected.

    Please advice.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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