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    I’ve just installed Zeroshell 3.7.1.
    I’m using it just for connectivity failover for now.
    I’ve set it up with 1 eth (eth00) and 2 gateway that are in the same lan. One is the ADSL Router and the other one is a router with a 4G SIM inside.
    One is Active and the other in Standby.
    When I open the MRTG statistics and graphics it shows a very low value for every kind of graphics (load balancing or network interface)
    For example if I’m doing any kind of Internet traffic from a computer that is using Zeroshell as its gateway and I get more than 10mbit/s bandwidth from Internet to this pc, MRTG show only few kbit/s (such as 6 kbit/s instead of at least 10.000kbit/s).
    I’ve not installed SNMP because for what I understood MRTG should get bandwidth from itself, right?
    I’ve also very low value on the top of the Zeroshell webpage (near to CNtop button)

    Thank you for any suggestion on how to solve this.




    I had some issues myself with the bitrate scrit but for me is working decent.
    The bitrate script use contrack to calculate total traffic.
    On the other hand the mrtg script is really tright forward and use

    TX=`cat /sys/class/net/$INTERFACE/statistics/tx_bytes`

    I see that if it’s the Zeroshell that does the traffic (such as when it downloads the Antivirus updates) both the throughput at the top of the screen and the graphics MRTG of the network ETH00 are correct and I can also see this connection in the CNTop.
    If the traffic is done by another client of the network that is using the Zeroshell as its gateway I see that connection (from local IP to public IP) in the CNTop only for some seconds at the beginning with a very low kbit/s value, than it disappears from the connection list, even if it’s still working and doing traffic, and both the throughput and the MRTG graphics doesn’t count that traffic.
    Is this beaviour normal or not? It seems that the traffic that pass through the Zeroshell without been analyzed but it’s only routed to one of the 2 gateway that I have is not counted.
    All the other Zeroshell’s features are disabled, I’m using it only for failover the Internet traffic using to 2 gateway.

    Thank you!


    Problem solved.
    I could not see the traffic in monitor or statistics because the NAT was disabled.
    In this way everything was working good and the load balance / failover between the 2 internet connection was good but only the outgoing packets passed through the Zeroshell, the Internet incoming packets went directly from the router to the client, without passing throught the Zeroshell.
    Now I’ve enabled the NAT and obvsiously also the incoming packets now goes from the router to the Zeroshell and the to the client.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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