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    i am trying to setup a zeroshell controller for a apartment complex. Most of it was pretty easy to setup using guidelines from the website.
    I have 3 ADSL lines for the apartment complex and my lan interface is a infrastructure of WIFI access points connecting to the master access point using A band backbone. B/ G band is for user access.
    Previously i was using a prebuilt hotspot controller made by SMC networks. I cant complain about the functionality and features of the device but its firmware is very unstable. SMC does not seem to have a good fix to it. The latest available firmware update for the device is so unstable that the hotspot crashes with in 5 minutes of operation.

    What i am trying to achieve is, using network load balancing for my 3 ADSL lines so that my clients can have more speed. I have been visiting this forum a lot and found out that the only way of doing that would be through VPN Bonding.
    Can anyone please point me to a tutorial to a howto on VPN Bonding for Multi WAN connections for Network load balancing.

    However i must say that ZEROSHELL rocks. This is by far the most stable and customizable gateway controller i have ever used.

    KUDOS to Fulvio


    To increase the bandwidth by using VPN Bonding you need to create 2 or more VPN with another site. Unfortunatly, this is not always possible. If you can wait, the new 1.0.beta6 release of ZeroShell will contain the Net Balancer component that allows you to balance the trafic on more WAN (PPPoE is ok) links.



    thanks for the fast reply.
    how long is it going to be till 1.0 beta 6 is released.
    i am waiting very anxiously…..


    Hey Fulvio,

    I know you have released beta5 5 days ago (thanks very much).
    When do you think beta6 will be released?
    Net Balancer would be a nice and powerfull tool.



    Hey guys,

    I know this is quite a bit of a delayed response here but I figured I’d post anyways because this topic still seems quite relevant around the net. I’ve been researching broadband bonding recently and it is definitely achievable as I know there are a select few companies that sell products capable of doing such. They require no software (i.e. MLPPP) and the ISP’s need no prior knowledge of this for it to work. I’m sure if you just google search “broadband bonding” you can find the answer you’re looking for.


    I’m looking to bond a couple of Huawei E153 3G modems to get more bandwidth to a remote server. I read that OpenVPN is really bad, since it fails on unreliable or high packet loss connections.

    * Is ZeroShell currently able to do VPN link bonding reliably? Any success stories?

    * Is it correct that the servers at both ends need to run ZeroShell, or could one machine run a different OS?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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