NAT not working with dual wan and net balancer

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    I have a Zeroshell setup with two WAN ports and one LAN port. Both WAN ports have a static IP. One direct to the public internet and the other via another router to the internet.
    Form the Utilities section of the Zeroshell GUI is the Google DNS reachable by ping and trachpath. (when both WAN interfaces are UP and also when either one is done). Also the server for the Zeroshell message board is accessable). This must conclude that the internet is accessible from the Zeroshell box.

    When i try to access the internet from a client on the LAN network; is it not accessible.

    What do i wrong or is missing in the setup to get it working?

    The GUI is accessible from the LAN network and it also possible to ping the Zeroshell box.
    In the routing table the both gateways (IP addresses )of the WAN port are visible with the corresponding network ports a. (As DEFAULT GATEWAY (LB).
    The fail over monitor is enabled and working.
    NAT is selected for both the WAN interfaces.
    There is a firewall rule that accepts all packages from the LAN interface.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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