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    Hello, I hope someone might be able to help me. I’ve looked through various docs and the forum but can’t find a clear way to achieve what I want.

    I have Zeroshell set up on an alix board. My plan is as per this image:

    Basically I would like zeroshell to be the gateway, router and wireless access point. I have ETH001 connected to a DSL modem (the modem is in bridge mode and I’ve added the connection details under new PPoE).

    I want Zeroshell to be the default gateway with IP address

    I have the wireless card configured already on ETH002 as the box was previously working as a wireless access point. I’ve deleted the bridge it had with ETH00

    Now I want Zeroshell to replace my old router and become the router / gateway. Can you tell me step-by-step how to configure ETH00, ETH01, ETH02 and any bridges / NAT to get this all working please. I need clients to be able to connect to the internet through the Wireless card and also from the wire lan. I’ve been going round in circles!

    Thanks in advance.


    It is not very hard! First from “System” -> “Setup” -> “Network” assign the IP address you want to the LAN and WIFI interfaces. If you want you may also bridge them to be in the same collision domain. In the same screen you setup the PPPoE to terminate your internet connection. To enable nat you need to go to “Network” -> “Router” -> “NAT” and move your newly created ppp0 to the NAT enabled interfaces.
    These steps give you a basic configuration to work with. Any other thing you want to do is documented here or in the documentation page.


    Excellent – thanks – it was just putting NAT on the ppp0 interface that I was missing – I had it on ETH01.

    All working now – many thanks!


    Please take a step by step to configure my adsl modem with my zs


    it depends on the configuration you want to do to your setup. Who will be terminating the PPPoE? ADSL modem-router or the ZS?



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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