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    Hello all,
    I am a new user to Zeroshell and like the product. My first attempt was successful. I created a vpn and bridged them to my network.

    public internet

    zeroshell (bridged and VPN) and Private(

    Cisco Switch (VLAN service provider) —-MetroCircuit

    Cisco Switch(Vlan Service provider)

    zeroshell (bridged and VPN) and Private(101.1.0)

    public internet

    the Cisco switches and VLAN current pass private network traffic. So basically the internet traffic is completely seperated and secure from the private or vice a Versa.

    All works great.

    OK Now to complicate things I want to get rid of Cisco switches and just use zero shell.

    so basically I need the zeroshell to create a vlan across the metro and after that pass public and private traffic completely secure and separate from each other, Anyboody have any thought.

    Thanks is advance


    You are not providing enough information of how this metro-thing works, but from my experience the cisco switch has an Access port connecting to your network and on the other side they have trunk port to connect to the Metro circuit. If you add a network card on your ZS and create a subinterface on it you can have the trunk port you wanted. If you need more explanation we will need more information.


    Thanks for the quick response.

    Yes you are correct about the Cisco switch. port 1 on Cisco connects the Metro with a trunk port and port 2 goes to my network.

    OK here my plan for today, I’m going to replace my CIsco(s) with the Zeroshell(s) and I don’t think there will be a problem. But as a tried to explain in the origination post I also would like to pass public internet traffic across the same circuit on top of the vlan using the same Zeroshell boxes totally isolated from each other.

    Again thanks for your quick reply


    If I understand well from what you say, if you have:
    internet —- ZS

    MetroCircuit —- ZS —- internet
    and you bridge the interfaces of the ZSs then you’ll manage to connect the 2 sides of the internet. I’m not sure why you would need that though.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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