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    I boot from CD and store DB on a HDD.
    Shut down the router for UPS battery replacement and when tried to bring it up, it would stop booting after bringing up LDAP and printing ‘Repairing LDAP DB’.
    It just sits there with no HDD light and no further CD access.
    What should I do to fix that?

    Update: Removed the HDD from router and mounted it under Windows using ext2 tools. Now I have access to the _DB1 profile folder. Anything I can do to fix LDAP DB?

    Update: Substituted all openldap files for those from a brand new install and now router boots and works, but admin is locked out as password (which is the same between old and new profiles) does not work. During the boot it printed errors that ldap server could not be contacted and failed ldap (and DNS I think too).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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