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    First, have to say, this is one of the greatest mini-router distributions I’ve played with. Everything just works!

    Second, Although it does have a transparent proxy which works well, I’m sorely missing a non-transparent proxy or a sockd server.

    my reasons for asking:
    – there are other apps (i.e. IM) that I like to proxy and will work better with a non-transparent proxy. I want to be able to lock down some ports and make sure all IM traffic goes through a proxy.

    – I use my ZS router as a way to tunnel traffic over SSH. having a non-trans proxy allows for tunneling into my router from anywhere and tunneling my traffic through it using SSH.
    Example 1, i can ssh into the box from any city/country and make my traffic look like it originates from my home. very useful
    Example 2, my work place blocks various IM ports. I could SSH into my router from work and tunnel IM traffic through SSH to the proxy/sockd server

    – The automatic virus scanning is CPU intensive. I’ve been running ZS on a low power board with a 500MHz celeron 24/7 with no issues. turning on the current proxy slows it down to a crawl. Privoxy or dante (that I ran on the previous gentoo based router) worked great. very low cpu usage.

    What are the chances of getting privoxy or dante or something similar in ZH. Shouldn’t be that difficult! 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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