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    Hi all,

    I am trying to setup the Zeroshell Net Balancer in failover mode but it doesn’t seem to work properly and I can’t find what I am missing in the configuration.

    The following system is installed on a boat. The idea is that when the boat is at a marina the Ubiquity AP that operates in client mode connects to known WiFi access points and provides internet connectivity to on-board wireless client devices via Zeroshell. When the boat is at sea internet connectivity is provided via the Mobile Operator and the 3G modem.

    Zeroshell version 3.7.1 is installed in a PC Engine APU2 board that is equipped with 3G Modem and a wireless network card.

    An Ubiquiti AP is configured in router mode (DHCP is enabled on LAN interface and private IP is provided to the clients on the network).

    The network topology is as shown below:

    Nat has been enabled on ETH01 and PPP0 interfaces.
    ETH00 and WLAN00 are used by client devices.
    ETH02 not currently in use.
    ETH01 has been assigned with the IP address by the Ubiquity DHCP.

    The Net Balancer is setup in Failover mode with the configuration shown in the following image and Google DNS IP ( ) is used for the failover check.

    At this stage the Net Balancer pings via both interfaces the Google DNS IP ( ) but gets no reply from ETH01 (image below).

    However, I know for fact that ETH01 has internet connectivity as I have tested it by directly connecting a laptop to Ubiquity LAN interface.

    So now I am tricking the Net Balancer by adding the LAN IP of the Ubiquity AP (that is also the Gateway for ETH01- to the failover IP addresses (image below)

    ETH01 becomes active however the IP Check from Net Balancer fails once more for IP address (image below)

    Nevertheless the routing table is now changed and ETH01 is used as Default Gateway (image below)

    However, now when I am pinging the Google DNS ( ) by using the Zeroshell IP Check Utility or the Shell Prompt I am getting replies (image below).

    Why the Net Balancer cannot ping the IP address that the IP Tool can ping?
    Have I missed something in the configuration or I am facing a bug?

    Thank you!


    There is something quite strange in your description : you say that ETH01 has been assigned an IP by the ubiquity DHCP… I don’t really understand it, as this interface IP should be specified by you, and not a dhcp server. I think it’s not good.
    The only difference i see with your configuration is that you specify an interface for the failover, and not an IP. I would rather put an ip for the 2 lines in the net balancer and no interface.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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