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    Dear Sir,

    I am Newbie to ZEROSHELL.

    I successfully Installed ZEROSHELL.

    I have two internet Connection. I want to Netbalancing and Failover both internet connection.

    I tried as much as possible with multiple online tutorials. but i cant get.

    I have NIC in my computer,

    ETH01 for Intra LAN.

    ETH00 for First WAN(Internet) Connection.

    ETH02 for Second Internet Connection

    In Setup->Network Tab I have configure Local IP to ETH01

    ETH00 as First Internet Connection Router IP.

    ETH02 as Second Internet Connection Router IP.

    In Netbalancer->Netbalancer tab,
    I have configured both internet connections gateway IP addresses respectively.

    And in Router->NAT Tab,

    I have set ETH00,ETH02 as NAT Enabled.

    Then in client i have set DNS IP address as ZERSHELL(ETH01) IP Address and Gateway IP address also same IP Address.

    But still client dont have access to Internet connection.

    Please Help me…

    Waiting for your solution..

    Thanking You Sir,


    How do you connect to the ISP?

    I have similar setup and it’s working for Internet access, except that there is no load balancing. You can see my setup in the thread

    I have eth0 LAN and eth1/eth2 WAN.
    eth0 is assigned a private block IP address.
    eth1/eth2 have ppp0 and ppp1 connections on them. In my case both have fixed IP provided by the ISP, but it worked when previously I was on dynamic IP addresses.
    I did not have to assign gateway. It just worked as soon as ppp connections were up.


    Dear DrmCa,

    Thanks for Your reply…

    I have one lease line internet connection.It is connected to ETH02.

    Another PPPoE Connection. It is Connected to ETH01.

    ETH00 Connected to LAN Switch.

    I want to load balance both internet connection.

    how can i configure .. please help me.

    Waiting for your solution..

    Thanking You Sir,


    Let’s start with pppoe. Is the connection coming up? Once it is up, can you ping provider?


    Yes sir, Both connection in Up Status. and also i can ping both ip address


    Did you enable both ppp connections in load balancer and configure failover?

    At this point you can try downloading large files and see if your total d/l speed will be close to the sum of each connection speeds. LB on ZS will kick in only when multiple simultaneous connections are being made.

    For me it does not work every time. Sometimes several d/l segments have to be started, other times files have to reside on the different servers. The only technology that always gets LB is torrent with many simultaneous connections.


    Did you configure, in Network>>Dns>>Forwarders, the DNS servers ? Domain “ANY” , servers (eg.), or, , or any dns server which you prefer ?


    i didnt do anything lie that. please help me with full process


    Thanks all your replies. i got load balancing through zeroshell. now i trying for restrict internet for particular IP address how can i achieve this please help me


    Try reading the manuals on this web site before asking textbook questions.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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