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    Initially I had the following odd configuration:

    I have QoS enabled on each IF on the Zeroshell box, classifying the different types of traffic mostly by destination and port number. Some of the traffic needs to come from the leased line so while I was using the backup 10Mbit ADSL line to load balance the general web traffic off from the reliable but slow leased line. The Zeroshell box was set to redirect traffic to the other NAT device (by gateway IP). It worked very well for general network performance but I had really bad issues with incoming network connections with the virtual server section. It was very unreliable for virtual server connections.

    I decided to connect the ADSL router directly to the Zeroshell box by adding another Ethernet interface. The problems have now become much worse and I have disabled the sharing. One of the problems that I have encountered was DNS, the device’s local NS lookups were OK but by activating the ADSL connection the DHCP lookup to the ADSL router caused the resolv.conf to add the ADSL device as an NS server. Also the connections would fail less after I changed the netbalancer to use the IP address of the ADSL connection instead of targetting the interface iteself. But I still got very inconsistent performance.

    Now, with IP used instead of interface the stats show much less usage of the backup line than previously and I am not sure what will happen to the DNS after a reboot. On a positive note, I think now external connections inwards (VServer) are behaving now!? Which was the aim of the exercise.

    Does anyone have any advice as to how I should resolve my issues?
    Is it mixing QoS and Netbalancer in classifying traffic that is causing my problems?
    Is there anyway to ensure resolv.conf will always use localhost?



    I have 2 adsl connections terminated on the ZS with PPPOE, with no issues regarding DNS or Vserver or QoS.
    In order to have only localhost in resolve.conf you should have static ip address on the wan interface that connects to the modem. Otherwise by getting the settings via dhcp you will also acquire the DNS from the modem.


    As I have found out in the past, NetBalancer and QoS can not work in conjunction with each other. They use the same mangle table. I would get rid of the QoS and see if it resolves your problems.


    I would rather avoid getting rid of QoS because we have some VoIP users in the office. 🙁


    What I ended up doing was installing VMware server on top of CentOS. Then I installed Zeroshell and pfSense. Zeroshell only takes care of the load balancing and pfSense is my actual firewall & router.

    Zeroshell handled Load Balancing better than pfSense, but I like pfSense better for everything else. It just has a nicer interface to work with in my opinion.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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