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    ZeroShell 1.0.beta11 NetBalancer is working fine with our ADSL and 3G connections, the problem is that we loose the connection on certain web sites, we get several “Connection Interrumped” messages.

    For example, I had to try several times to be able to log to this forum, the connection was lost every time.

    If I bypass ZeroShell changing the Gateway, everything works fine.

    We had in the past a similar problem using a physical router that did net balancing and the problem was solved specifying that once a connection has been established, then all subsequent packets go through that connection.

    We think maybe it’s the same problem now with ZeroShell, any idea on how to fix this ?

    Thank you,



    I think I am suffering the same problem, but only with ZS site. I open the page and log in to the forum, but usually as soon as I click on a link I find myself logged out and have to log in again. I am using Firefox and have cleared the coockies.


    Can you provide a traceroute from the adsl uplink and one from the 3G uplink?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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