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    I have noticed that on a PPPOE fault Netbalancer eventually regains WAN connectivity but a couple of gateways remain at FAULT and there are obvious signs of firewall issues:

    01:19:04 => No PPPoE/3G standby gateway has been configured
    01:19:04 WARNING: connectivity unavailable
    01:19:04 Trying to enable PPPoE/3G standby gateways …

    In the logs I can see that the VPN’s related to the Netbalancer gateways that remain in FAULT get a duplicate IPV6 fault in the Kernel logs:

    01:19:02 [1099518.831473] IPv6: VPN04: IPv6 duplicate address fe60::d4f8:39ff:fe49:8661 detected!
    01:19:03 [1099519.340403] IPv6: VPN10: IPv6 duplicate address fe90::bcb4:82ff:fe6a:1d17 detected!

    Should IPV6 be disabled to fix this issue and how?

    EDIT: I just found some more detail that probably has an effect on this issue. The two GW’s in Netbalancer that are in FAULT are two of my VPN’s. I just noticed that these two VPN’s are displaying the local IP of the ADSL router as their VPN end point IP (very strange!) I then checked their config and realized that these two VPN’s are the only ones with the AUTO gateway setting. All the other VPN’s which are not at FAULT in NB have a set DEFAULT GATEWAY in their config. I currently only have a single WAN in my environment, looks like the AUTO setting in a single WAN environment might produce some errors like this when the default WAN PPPOE drops out.

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