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    first sorry for the long post i wanted to make everything as clear as possible
    so a little bit of a background first
    i am an Engineering student and i am also part of the IT team in my university and i’m in constant need to download and upload large files from the university server the problem is my internet is only 15 mbps adsl line which is the fastest in the city so an upgrade is not an option insted i decided to buy 2 more lines and just use Zeroshell to balance them out. so i went and got out my old pc and install a 4-port NIC in it and started doing some test using my existing line and my neighbors which is identical to my own before buying anything so here is my setup:
    1- fresh install of Zeroshell on the pc
    2-my router is connected to the Zeroshell over Ethernet and the WAN1 ip is:
    3-my neighbors router also connected via Ethernet which makes WAN2 :
    4-the LAN ip of the zeroshell pc is set to with dhcp server on it
    5- i used these instructions to set up netbalancer

    6-my laptop is connected to the zeroshell pc with ethernet and i get an ip and i do have access to the internet

    the problem is if i try to download anything it will only download over one interface and completely ignore the other (and before anyone ask’s yes im am using an accelerated download manager with 20 connections) i cann see all 20 connection being made over one interface and the other is inactive and it will stay like this unless i unplug the first interface only then it will start using the second again sorry for the long post and here is an image in case you didn’t understand the setup


    In order to fix a lot of other security related bugs Net Balancer is trying to remember source and destinations IPs and use same gateway for a pair.

    In your case, Net Balancer will not help. What you need is to create a bond between 2 ADSL.
    If your ISP provider doesn’t support bonding then another option is bonding over VPN, but that will require another server to VPN into and bond that 2 VPNs


    Hello Abdulla,

    You need to control this with Balancing Rules, I am using a similar setup and with rules, i made groups of users for different purposes. Some groups are allowed only one connection, some allowed both connection at same time for increased / double bandwidth.

    Malik Ilyas

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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