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    Here is my question:

    I would like to implement Netbalancer to share my internet links from two ISPs that I have. I Made a test setup with a few PCs and netbalancer works like a charm.

    My current setup (without net balancer) is as follows:
    Got 60+ users behind LAN—>Fedora 12 Bandwidth manager —> modem(ISP1)—-> Internet.
    Among the sixty users, we have about 8 users who are on Public IPs (would like to keep it that way). My aim is to keep these IPs routed to my current ISP (ISP1).

    At the moment (without Netbalancer), I route the public IPs behind LAN using Iptables as follows (rc.local):

    route add -host $CLIENT_1_PUBLIC_IP dev eth1
    route add -host $CLIENT_2_PUBLIC_IP dev eth1
    route add -host $CLIENT_3_PUBLIC_IP dev eth1

    echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/eth0/proxy_arp
    echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/eth1/proxy_arp

    iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 ! -s $MY_PUBLIC_IPs/27 -j SNAT --to-source $FEDORA_WAN_IP_aka_ETH0_IP

    I would like my setup to be as shown in this image:

    Is there a way to tell Netbalancer to route the public IPs in this fashion? Please help out.


    Yes you can use the Netbalance Rules! It uses the same interface with firewall rules of the ZS and you can create a rule to use a specific gateway for a range of public source IPs.


    Thanks ppalias for ur response. Do I have to change the public IP in the Banwdith Manger (Fedorah Eth0)?


    No I don’t think you need to do such a thing.


    now I have a load balancing with 4 lines and has 10 public IP addresses, currently a user of the private network needs a public IP address.
    I need help to configure my ZS in order to assign a public IP address (X.X.X.X) to a private IP. (y.y.y.y).
    q I want all ports and services are associated with the IP address PUBLIC / PRIVATE IP that is transparent to the user.
    four would be the rule to include?
    assign the public IP should be in the eth1?
    I need your help to implement this function and to develop a manual for future users and upload to the web portal of ZS.



    Would look like my scheme, the real Ip replaced by Ip type (,, etc.).

    Real subnetwork get on channel A Real IPs (4.4.4.x/24)

    In configuring (Linux) in this case should be turned off NAT and routing is enabled. Further, the interface rl0 should be spelled out two un looking at a subnet (192.168.0.x/24) and real-subnet looking at a subnet (4.4.4.x/24). Further, all is clear for configuring the server (Linux).

    We proceed to set up ZS.
    We go in (router) and create a rule in our example, they look so :
    Destination: Netmask: Gateway: Metric 1
    Destination: Netmask: Gateway: Metric 1

    To start off (NAT) with interface (ETH01)

    Next, we go in (Net Balantser) create a (Balancing Rules) rule in which we write
    (Source IP: on
    (Destination IP: / 0)
    This rule, we have sent all the traffic from the network (4.4.4.x/24) on interface (ET01)

    Then go to (Setup–>Startup/Kron–> NAT and Virtual Servers script) and put this rule:
    iptables-t nat-A POSTROUTING-s ETH01-j SNAT – to-source

    It is necessary for that would be a subnet ( could get through this interface.

    After the restart ZS !!!

    Well, something like this, I do not mostak write instructions can someone will correct me or offer his own version … All thanks for your attention ..

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