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    OK im sure someone has asked this I just cant find the answer. My setup is two isps one cable and one dsl both modems from both isp act as a bridge so the interfaces e01 and e02 are set to dynamic giving me public ip on both. I have looked and all examples are using the private ip addresses as the gateway in the net balancer….. I select the interface in the add gateways and when I enable I lose all internet access. I’m not sure what i’m missing unless its that i have to assign it an ip address???

    sorry meant to add do I have to have the modem for each isp hand put dhcp and statically assign an ip for the gateway in net balancer ex modem… eth01 and in net balancer assign gateway eth01 with ip and mimic the eth02 with something like….
    if thats the case I would then have to configure each isp modem to make dmz and same with other isp modem dmz??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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