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    I have two upstream links
    A – HDSL 2Mbit with 10ms of latency
    B – Satellite 20Mbit with 600ms of latency
    (I’m doing NAT on A and B interfaces on zeroshell.)

    I would like to balance the traffic between two link with a latency/bandwidth logic.

    Force the latency greedy traffic like ssh/voip/mynetworks is simple by creating the correct rules on link A.

    and…I would like to route the heavy usage bandiwidth traffic like youtube, videos, downloads, etc.. over the link B.

    I thought to create a rule like this:
    MARK all opt — in * out * -> connbytes 102400 connbytes mode bytes connbytes direction both MARK set 0x66

    so every connection of more of 100K should be forwarded over the link B.

    This is not working as expected, what do you think?

    Should I use a different strategy to reach my goal?


    Have a nice day,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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