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    1. Can you give more details how to configure the mutual authentication ?
    I have a situation like this:
    a – a central server with Samba (SMB) where the client need to connect to (e.g. for shared files and print services)
    currently we allow the 445, 137,138, 139 through the ZeroShell so that the client can login to the domain.
    b- or is the otherway around possible – to login ZeroShell and automatically authenticate in the SMB Server
    (I am not so familar how this works with Kerberos and the realms)
    c – but we want to integrate it with Zeroshell, once the client has succesfully login, can it also login automatically
    into Zeroshell (so that the client does not have to login again ? )
    d – Optionally we have clients (which do not login to the SMB-server), but need to connect to internet only for example.

    2. When will the SMTP Services be ready (so that the outgoing traffic can be logged)

    3. When will the Accounting service be ready (to measure the login time and data usage)

    4. Have you looked before to PatronSoft – Firstspot ?
    a – Would you be able to integrate a similar function to integrate with the Payment Gateways (PayPal, WorldPay, Gmail, etc. ?)
    b – Also per user bandwidth throttling ?
    c- and some other similiar functions as in Firstpot ?

    5. License costs & Terms of Use
    I read through these chapters, but do I understand it correctly that we can use it for free ?

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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